From the moment Toti met Cherry for the first time at Jakarta Aquarium, he was in love. Cherry was very sociable, attractive and quite playful. Although more of an introvert by nature, Toti did his best to charm Cherry. However, when Timo came into the picture, things went from bad to worse. With a likeable and outgoing personality, Timo quickly gained Cherry’s attention as he showed off his skills and by being more attentive. Toti knew it was time to bow out of the complicated love triangle. After all, Cherry seemed happy with Timo, and her happiness was all that mattered to him. Sure enough, Timo and Cherry went on to be a lovely couple and even parented a lively offspring, Dul. And once they choose a mate, they stay together for life.

You did not just read a script for a modern Netflix romcom. This was a true story happening at Jakarta's Best Destination, Jakarta Aquarium Indonesia, and the characters are Asian small-clawed otter couple Timo and Cherry, their adorable pup, Dul, and past love interest, Toti. And this is merely one out of hundreds of relatable stories among the inhabitants of the conservation centre.