Scary image of shark stood in our memory from 80’s fiction movie, Jaws. The giant white shark surges towards the small boat at high speed crushing it in its teeth or tearing innocent surfers into pieces. It made bad reputation for sharks. Well, you will find 180 degrees different at Jakarta Aquarium. Let me introduce you to Jakarta Aquarium’s resident sharks who are anything but aggressive. They are gentle friendly sharks!

Bamboozled by Bamboo Shark The white spotted Bamboo Shark—famously known as Bamboo Shark—is a rare shark with a long tail. Knowing it as one of shark family, you will avoid automatically. But, don’t be bamboozled! Bamboo Sharks are small, nocturnal and slow-moving bottom dwellers. These creatures are found on rocks and coral reefs throughout the Indian Ocean. They are not aggressive nor human eater.