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Jakarta Aquarium, the ultimate edutainment destination within the city is ready to take you on an underwater adventure! Not only home for more than 600 species, we also offer an enchanting theatre show Pearl of The South Sea and savoury meal at Pingoo restaurant.

Welcome to the Jakarta Aquarium, a family recreation center as well as a center

conservation of animals in the first space in Indonesia Taman Safari Indonesia offerings

who collaborated with Aquaria KLCC Malaysia. Jakarta Aquarium presents the concept

a holiday in nature that features the full underwater nature of Indonesia

with color, beauty and at the same time a mystery that will make you feel like being


Jakarta Aquarium also presents world-class theater performances "Pearl of The South

Sea "which was produced by Peter Wilson, the famous theater director from Australia. Pearl of

The South Sea presents a story about a princess who is cursed to be a queen of the sea

combined with mermaid dance, music, and technological sophistication. At the end

performances, you can capture the moment with some mermaids who

dancing behind the aquarium.

After exploring the Jakarta Aquarium, enjoy delicious seafood dishes while

watching the behavior of penguins is very funny. You can also interact with

feeding penguins at Pingoo Restaurant.

The commitment of Jakarta Aquarium to provide edutainment of class and preserve

animals have earned the prestigious award "Indonesia Leading Conservation

Destination 2017/18 "from ITTA and" Certificate of Excellence 2018 "from Tripadvisor.

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Neo SOHO Floor LG 101 - LGM 101, Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28.
Jakarta Barat, 11470

T. 1-500-212
(Call on 09.00 am until 05.30 pm)
E. info@jakarta-aquarium.com